CALL FOR ART: Artists to Address Need for Masks – “Share the Love – Please Wear a Mask”

North Tillamook County artists are being asked to create poster art encouraging residents and out-of-towners to wear masks during the current Covid-19 crisis.
Built around the theme “Share the Love – Please Wear a Mask” the call, issued by the Hoffman Center for the Arts, asks local creatives to help Manzanita “open safely on May 29 by protecting our citizens, workers, and visitors.”
The call elaborated, “Create your own art or alter an artistic image to show how wearing a mask on a face is normal, fun, perhaps kooky, but generally a positive move.”
The deadline for submitting final works is Monday, May 25. High-quality digital images of works are to be sent to the Manzanita Visitors Center at

Images selected for posters will be printed and hung in window displays along Laneda and commercial Manzanita Avenues.