Calling All Youth: Bay City Arts Center Announces COVID-19 ART INITIATIVE PROJECT

The Bay City Arts Center invites you to participate in an amazing collaborative art project that will take place for the next 8 weeks beginning on April 6, 2020. Youth from throughout the state are invited to participate in a COVID-19 Art Initiative Project that features weekly themed art projects. Submissions will be featured in a variety of outlets including Facebook, website, on the KAYN radio station, and at the BCAC facility in Bay City. Entries will also be reproduced in a book format following the project to serve as an artistic documentary of this historic time in our lives. There will also be a weekly drawing for Fred Meyer gift cards!

The Intention:
During the current school closures it is important to exercise your mind through a variety of learning opportunities including art! We read, study and discuss history in school, but now we are making history at home and it is our chance to document this living history for future generations! This project is designed to inspire creativity while incorporating the core learning modules of reading, writing, math and science. When creating art pieces think about the world around you and reflect on where we are today, where we came from, and where we are going.

About the Bay City Arts Center:
The Bay City Arts Center (BCAC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in Bay City, Oregon. Established in 2000, the BCAC has a mission to support creativity, and provide art and cultural education and awareness opportunities to individuals of all ages throughout Tillamook County in Oregon.
The Bay City Arts Center has added a COVID-19 Arts Resources page that includes the Art Initiative project information as well art classes online, printable art projects and more.

Click here:

Covid-19 Art Initiative Project Themes By Week:
Youth are encouraged to create art using supplies and styles of their choice. Participants can create one or more different art pieces weekly using each week’s theme as a guide and inspiration. Art submissions can include: physical art pieces in any medium, writings including plays, poems, songs, stories, and video creations. While students are encouraged to participate in all 8 week topics, they can pick and choose their level of participation.

Week 1 – April 6 – “Out Your Window” Much of the world is participating in social distancing (keeping at least 6 feet between you and other people), but the world is still an active place outside your home. Look out your window and create a work of art that gives us an idea of what is going on in the world in your neighborhood. Submission examples: a drawing or painting, a diorama, a creative story about what you see.

Week 2 – April 13 – “A Day in Detail” What are you doing each day? In the world, life is changing rapidly with new information, rules and orders about safety, business closures, and updates on the state of the world. Let’s slow it down a bit and focus this week on your daily routines. With school closures keeping many youth home, how have you set up your own daily routine and structure? Tell us about it. Submission examples: A Short Moment or All About story, a comic book strip telling about your day and the people involved, or a song about your daily routine.

Week 3 – April 20 – “Elder Look Back” We are making history today, but we are not the first! This week check in with someone who is considered an Elder (ages 55+) and speak with them about a historic moment or period in time that they experienced when growing up. How was their experience similar to yours? How was it different? Try to capture a lot of details including the whos, whats, whens, wheres and whys. Submission examples: A visual comparison diagram with pictures/drawings about what you are experiencing with the COVID-19 history in the making vs. the elder’s experience in their historic event or moment, a poem about the elder’s historic event or moment or a short oral story that can be told, read and shared with friends and family.

Week 4 – April 27 – “What’s in the Cupboard” With social distancing limiting trips to stores, what are you cooking up in your household? What have you found in your closets, cupboards and drawers around the house to creatively cook, use when creating art projects, and provide daily entertainment? What are you missing that you wish you could go out and buy? Submission examples: A photograph of the strangest thing you have found in your cupboards, create your own recipe for a new meal item that you haven’t had before with items you find in your cupboards now, colored pencil drawing of the inside of one cupboard in your kitchen.

Week 5 – May 4 – “This is the Way We Roll” We all know that toilet paper is at a drastic shortage on the store shelves….but we guess there are a ton of empty toilet paper rolls at home!!! What can you create with toilet paper rolls? Let your imagination take flight this week! Submission examples: toilet paper “sand castles” 3-D model, toilet paper rocket ship or robot, creative toilet paper Mother’s Day card.

Week 6 – May 11 – “Strolling Around the Block” It’s time to get outside, get some exercise and investigate your neighborhood (while practicing safe social distancing). This week take a walk, run or bike ride around your block and create art to tell us what you see and experience. Submission examples: Create a new episode of your favorite television show (written, drawn or video) about the people and places you see, using your tv characters as the people, create a clay diorama of what you see and experience, draw or take a picture of what you see on your block.

Week 7 – May 18 – “Hero Spotlight” Gearing up for Memorial Day in celebration of the heroes that have worked to move our world forward, this week learn something new about a hero of your choice (living or dead, famous or not). Tell us the name of your hero, why you chose them, and interesting facts about why you see them as a hero. Submission examples: Research paper about your hero, drawing or painting of your hero, tin-foil sculpture of your hero.

Week 8 – May 25 – “President for a Day” For the final week of this project think about what it takes to lead a country during one of the most historic times of our lives. If you were President for a day, what would you say to your country during this historic time? What rules would you want to put in place and how would you inspire your country to unite together and get through this tough time? Submission examples: Creative poster of President’s new law or rule during COVID-19 times, State of the Union address (a speech) to the people about how to move forward through tough times, a drawing of you (as President) holding a meeting at the presidential office…what’s on the walls, who is in the room, what are people saying?

The Gift Card Drawing:
All youth ages 2 – 18 are eligible to enter the drawing to win a $5 gift certificate to Fred Meyer. There will be 4 drawings weekly; one for each of the Tillamook School District areas and one for out of County submissions. Youth are eligible to enter the drawing regardless of school enrollment status. Home School youth and youth younger than pre-school aged are also encouraged to participate in this project and will be entered into the corresponding drawing based on their address/ school district.( See submission guidelines for contact information required for drawings.)

Submit artwork for each week’s theme BY FRIDAY of that week. Drawings will occur over the weekend, and winners announced online the following Monday. (Examples: Week 1 submissions due by Friday, April 10th, Week #1 Winners announced Monday, April 13th ). Early submissions are welcome and encouraged.

While you can submit up to 8 art entries per theme, each submitter’s name will only be entered into the drawing one time per week.

Art Submission Guidelines:
Youth ages 2 – 18 regardless of school enrollment status are eligible to submit art work in the format of photos and/or documents showing their art work and writings. Please submit files in .pdf, .mp3 or .jpg file formats. You are welcome to take pictures with a phone or digital device. Submission should be emailed to:

To be eligible for the gift card drawing submissions should include: Youth’s name, age, grade and school district, email address, mailing address, phone number, and weekly topic in order to go into the correct drawing. Include these details in the body of your e-mail. Submissions that do not have a name or at least 1 way to contact the winner will not be entered in the drawing, but will still be included in the promotion, publicity and art display.

If there are circumstances that limit your ability to take a photo, and/or submit to us via e-mail, please contact Leeauna Perry at (503) 842-2701 to discuss alternate submission formats and/or pickup assistance options. We don’t want anyone to be excluded from participation, so it is our goal to work with you in achieving successful weekly submission of your art!!!
Photo Tips and Rules:

When taking photos to submit, please follow these rules in order to demonstrate respect, ensure safety and uphold privacy for yourselves and members of your household and community.

1.) Photos of artwork submissions should be taken in a space that has minimal background distraction or activity. Putting the art piece in front of an empty or blank wall is the best way to ensure a clear, clean image that showcases your art piece as the focal point. 2.) Never include people in your photo without their permission. It is important to look around the space included in your photo, including the background behind the featured subject, in order to protect people’s privacy and reduce background clutter in your image. 3.) Submit photos in a high resolution format if possible. The better and bigger the photo size, the easier it will be for us to see and share your artwork with the public!

Publicity Disclaimer:

All submissions will be eligible for use by the Bay City Arts Center for publicity, promotion, and marketing purposes for both the COVID-19 Art Initiative project and general BCAC promotions.

Publication and reproduction of artwork submissions may include public promotion of submitter’s first name, age or grade through both BCAC and other non-BCAC media organizations and outlets including print, television, radio and online platforms. Submission to this project is authorization for use of your submission and submission contact info as necessary by the Bay City Arts Center including: publicity of your submission, reproduction of your submission, contacting participants for future events, programs and activity opportunities at the Bay City Arts Center, membership, volunteer and donation opportunities. Submitter contact information will only be shared with BCAC staff and Board and WILL NOT be sold, shared or provided to any outside agencies, individuals, or businesses for any other purpose than the exclusions stated in this paragraph.