Campaigning in the time of COVID

During this time when our world and our community are living through a global pandemic, our local elections are not necessarily on the top of our minds. And yet, thanks to Oregon’s vote by mail system, our primary election will happen without disruption on May 19, 2020. My fellow candidates and I are busily working to respond to COVID-19 in our daily jobs while we also work to get good information about ourselves out to help you prepare to vote.
I know many of us throughout Tillamook County are finding it hard to focus, are feeling overwhelmed, and maybe just can’t imagine how the world will look when this current crisis ends. Seeing political ads in the newspapers or​ online, and hearing them on the radio may seem ridiculous right now. Don’t we know that there are more critical issues that need your attention during this pandemic? Can’t we see that you are using all of your available inner strength to focus on staying safe?

I want to assure that we do know, we can see, and that we are right there with you. And yet, those things that make focusing on political ads and this election difficult right now, are the same things that make it so important. The people you elect in our community to lead after this crisis will have direct impacts on how we recover. Will we get connected to resources from outside our community to support this recovery? Will those resources be used wisely to bolster our economy, support our residents, and ensure we come back quickly? Your vote will help to determine the answers to those questions.
As a community that has dealt with natural disasters many times over the years, we are strong and united in the face of this pandemic. We have confirmed that we are here for one another and that Tillamook County pulls together in tough times. We are testing how our emergency networks respond to a very different crisis and finding out they are strong. We will come out of this crisis together, strong, and ready to keep moving forward.
With that in mind, when you see or hear a political ad, take a few minutes away from the crisis of this pandemic to read or listen to what we have to say. Know that we are with you today and are working hard to help you see what each one of us has to offer for tomorrow. Taking the time to get to know us and to vote for who you believe will bring the future you want to see, is important, especially now.
Thank you,
Erin Skaar, Candidate for Tillamook County Commissioner Position #1