CARE, Inc. seeks contractors, electricians and excavators to develop site for proposed Micro Shelter Homeless Project

•CARE, Inc. is issuing three Requests for Proposals to develop the site of a Micro Shelter village
•The three RFPs address the site plan needs for excavation, electrical and fencing
•Contractors wishing to bid on more than one project may present one bid for multiple RFPs
•Once developed, this village will host six (6) Micro Shelters for homeless community members

Tillamook, OR – CARE, Inc. seeks qualified contractors, electricians and excavators to submit bids on three Requests for Proposals related to the proposed site plan for a Micro Shelter village for homeless residents of Tillamook County. The site plan is currently pending approval by the City of Tillamook, but once approved, the site will host six (6) Micro Shelters. CARE, Inc. is issuing Requests for Proposals for the following projects: excavating the site where the shelters will rest, connecting the shelters to an onsite power transformer, and fencing the village. The proposed site for the village is immediately adjacent to the Herald Center, on the property of Tillamook Adventist Church. Interested contractors can find the Requests for Proposals at or by visiting the CARE offices at 2310 1st St., Suite 2 in Downtown Tillamook, OR.

“A few years back when the Adventist Church purchased the building and land from the Headlight Herald, we knew that this property had a bigger purpose. With the building being used for a food pantry and free clothing, showers, washer and dryers, and a community conference room, we were looking for a higher purpose for the grounds. Along with a couple of picnic tables and community garden spaces, we believed there was room for more. The Micro Shelter project is that more. We are excited to be in partnership with CARE, Inc.” says Tim Mayne, pastor of the Tillamook Adventist Church
This will be the first Micro Shelter village in Tillamook County designed to provider temporary shelter for those experiencing homelessness. While this concept is new to Tillamook County, it is finding success in other communities along the west coast. Oakland, Seattle and Portland are all currently using micro shelters as part of their efforts to tackle homelessness in their communities.
“Micro Shelters provide safe, secure and affordable shelter for those experiencing homelessness,” says Erin Skaar, Executive Director of CARE, Inc. “The great thing about these shelters is that they provide a safe place for those experiencing homelessness to rest and secure their belongings while they work toward transitioning to more stable, long-term housing. We are excited about the success similar projects are having elsewhere and are looking forward to bringing this model to Tillamook County.”
For more information about this project or to learn more about the work that CARE does in the community and how you can get involved, please contract Erin Skaar at 503-842-5261 or