CARTM Regroups to Focus on Nonprofit’s Goal to Move Community to Zero Waste

CARTM (a nonprofit organization) no longer operates the Manzanita transfer station. Thank you for supporting CARTM during the 20+ years we operated the transfer station. Please check the CARTM & The Refindery Facebook page to learn how we plan to continue inspiring our community reduce waste.

The phone number CARTM has had for 20+ years (503-368-7764) will be transferred to Tillamook County for the Manzanita Transfer Station. Please continue to use that number for information about self-haul trash and recycling at the site formerly known as CARTM.
CARTM (the advocacy organization still seeking to inspire our community to rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle) can be reached at 503-812-4901. Give us a day or so to set up the new number.
“On behalf of the staff and board, many thanks for all your support for 20+ years. We have truly enjoyed serving you and working along side you!” Karen Reddick Yurka, CARTM Executive Director. “We urge you to continue to take your trash and recycling to that location when County employees reopen it.”
To learn about service dates and hours, please call Tillamook department of public works at 503 815-3975‬ or visit the county’s website at