CARTM UPDATE: Thank you and Stay Tuned …

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Manzanita Transfer Station/CARTM is NOT on this week’s (Wednesday Sept. 12th) Board of Commissioners Agenda.

Dear CARTM users and supporters,
Thank you for the outpouring of concern and the many questions that have been asked of us. We want to keep you informed about developments in CARTM’s current state of affairs. We are working toward a solution with the County, but have no news to report quite yet.
As you know, the current agreement between Tillamook County and CARTM to operate the transfer station expires on Sept. 30. You also know that all bids in response to the County’s Request for Proposal to operate the Manzanita Transfer Station going forward were rejected by the County.

We expect the County to craft a new RFP in the near future (in 4 – 6 months, by one estimate). Theoretically, the resulting award would take effect at the beginning of their next fiscal year on July 1, 2019.
We – and the County – are naturally concerned about the interim period (October 2018 through June 30, 2019. Talks are continuing this week, and we hope to have solid information for you soon.
Thank you again for your many expressions of concern and support to us, to the County Commissioners, and on social media. Stay tuned.

CARTM Board of Directors