Celebrate Earth Day with Dahlias from Friends of NCRD – Opening Day of Dahlia Sales Friday April 22nd in Manzanita

Dear Friends –
Friday, April 22nd is EARTH DAY – and Opening Day for FRIENDS of NCRD’s DAHLIA TUBER SALE!
Dahlia Tubers are for sale in the parking lot of the Little Apple, daily from 9:30 to 4:30 –
Numerous named varieties of Dahlia Tubers: $2 per tuber.
Unknown varieties of Dahlia Tubers: $1 per tuber or $5 for a bag of 6 tubers
Planting instructions are included.

Unknown varieties of Dahlia Tubers are also for sale at the Welcome Center at NCRD: $5 for a bag of 6 tubers.

Small bags of bone meal fertilizer will be for sale at both locations.

It’s time for Dahlia Tuber planting! Get your tubers and get them planted!!

Questions? Call Patty @ 503-368-6081