CHAKRA SYSTEM Series #8: It’s all about connecting to the Divine, Spirit, God – The Crown Chakra

By Christy Stumpf, Reiki Master, Certified Crystal & Sound Healing Practitioner, Cosmic Healing NW
We are energy, in a world of energy. This has been proven through quantum physics. Chakras are energy centers located within our body structure that receive and transmit energy between us and the universe that surrounds us. The Chakra system has a direct correlation to our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. The seventh, or Crown Chakra, is next up and the last chakra we will discuss, in the 7 Chakra system. It is located at the crown (or top) of the head. While the other chakras are more related to our physical body, the crown chakra is where we draw energy to communicate with the Divine, our God, the collective consciousness — the spiritual world.

It is associated with all the elements, as it is cosmic. It balances the inner and outer person and is the connection to higher self. It is where we receive divine guidance, purpose, and wisdom. It is where we hold our aspirations and knowledge of truth. It is physically related to the upper brain, the head, hair, pituitary glands, scalp, and nervous system. A healthy Crown chakra shows itself as intuitive knowing, integration of self, living in the now, seeing the big picture, and the values of ethics, trust and humanitarianism. It is associated with spirituality and divine connection. It allows us to surmount our self-limiting beliefs and provides oneness and unity with the Divine. We will be able to speak with love and encouragement to others, lend spiritual support, and feel a need to unite different peoples to create understanding and peace. An imbalance in the chakra can be caused by poor diet, stress, illness, and is characterized by no energy, little energy, or too much energy flowing through the chakra center. An imbalance in this chakra can emotionally present itself as a lack of joy and purpose, loss of meaning or identity, and mental instability, as well as extreme materialism. It can feel like detachment from spirit, disassociating from the body, or living in your head. We may feel alone and separate from others. We may adopt spiritual cynicism or apathy, or to other extreme of a rigid belief system that does not allow for growth. It may result in anxiety, fear, feeling misunderstood, and being envious of others. Physically, an imbalance can present itself as headaches/migraines, anxiety, pain, brain tumors, nervous system disorders, immune disorders, frustration, exhaustion, sleeping issues, and problems retaining and understanding knowledge. This is the Chakra of connection to the Spirit World, to our higher selves.
Like us, all things in our world have an energy, or vibration, and will have characteristics that can help us heal when placed in our energy field. The color associated with this chakra is violet or white. Add purple to your wardrobe or wrap yourself in a purple blanket to make use of color therapy for this chakra. Or visualize “breathing” these colors into your chakra and “feeding” it. Gemstones such as Amethyst, Ametrine, Charoite, Selenite, Clear Quartz, Spirit Quartz, or Apophyllite will rebalance this chakra when carried or placed in your energy field. There are no foods that fuel this chakra, but rather, fasting and detoxing are highly recommended for healing. Smudging with sage, myrrh, frankincense, and juniper are very beneficial. Aromatherapy is helpful with rosemary and bergamot being quietening (for when you are feeling anxious about your soul purpose and spiritual path), and violet and amber are stimulating (for when you notice a tendency to be stubborn or willful, to your disadvantage). The mantra “OM” is associated with this chakra and it can help open the chakra when used. Spiritual practices help nourish this chakra. Sitting in silence lets our whole being become awake and receptive to divine guidance. Meditation, looking to the heavens, and both cloud watching and star gazing are good ways to get out of the head and connect with the Divine.
A good way to reconnect with your crown chakra, and the Divine, is to define your beliefs. Grab some paper and a pen. Sit still and breathe deeply several times. Feel your brain and body start to calm. Look within. Now, write down your beliefs. Write how each belief serves you. Write whether each belief is always true, sometimes true, partly true, or false. Write down one idea you wished you believed in, and why. This exercise will help you see where your belief system works for you and where there may be some change needed. The absolute BEST way to open the crown chakra is through meditation. I know, I know…I hear it all the time, “I can’t meditate.” In this world, where we are constantly told to produce, it may seem impossible to just be still. But it is in the stillness where we receive our answers from Spirit (God, etc.) And, like most things, you CAN do it, it just takes practice. It doesn’t matter the type of meditation (it could be guided, or one of your creation), you could be seated or laying down (or walking or just taking an opportunity to focus on your breath) nor does it matter how long or short of time you take. Frequent short meditations are very valuable too. Just start the practice and slowly your life will begin to change. For more information please go to, like us on Facebook at Cosmichealingnw, or schedule an appointment at 503-800-1092.