Chakradance for Healing

By Christy Kay, Reiki Master, Certified Crystal & Sound Healing Practitioner, Cosmic Healing NW
As I have shared in previous articles, we are all made up of energy, and quantum physics has proven this. The atom has a vibration, an energy and movement to it. At its core, it is energy moving. The atom makes up a molecule, which makes up a cell, which in turn make up our physical form, our bodies. We are energy, the universe around us is energy, your chair is made of energy just as your emotions are energy. We draw energy into and out of our bodies, same as we draw a breath and release it, without thinking or being conscious of this fact. Chakras are, very basically, energy centers, like swirling energy vortexes. These centers are located within our bodies, including our physical body and our auric body (which extends out from your physical self). They are a way of explaining how energy moves within our body and out into our surroundings, constantly receiving and transmitting energy, between us and the universe that surrounds us. They are access points for us to connect to the world around us and receive the vital force energy needed to be our Healthy Divine Selves. Chakras are located at each major endocrine gland and nerve bundle within your physical body, making them very important to your physical well-being. When there is an imbalance, such as too little energy moving, too much energy moving or no movement at all, it can create physical, emotional, or spiritual symptoms that lead to illness.

Our bodies remember every one of our life experiences, as these have an energetic signature to them- joy as well as trauma and grief. These experiences may become part of our energy bodies and may cause symptoms of imbalance. Ideally, when we feel trauma or other heavy emotions, we assimilate the energy into our energetic field, and then discharge and release it. Sometimes, instead of doing this, because we are unable to deal with these feelings in a healthy way, or simply can’t because we are in survivor mode, we suppress and block the flow of these energies, where it then becomes embedded into our physical bodies and can become part of our energetic makeup at a cellular level- in our organs, muscles, joints etc. These heavy feelings become tension in our bodies, or illnesses and diseases that have no seeming explanation. Releasing blocked energy from our bodies is a vital part of cultivating good health and wellbeing. We might seek healing through therapy or other healers, doing inner work, to understand and process our feelings and experiences. Discharging the energy from our bodies is a vital step in the process that is often overlooked. Sometimes movement is the only way to release this stuck energy causing imbalance and illness and an inability to move forward in your life.
Chakradance is a healing modality created by Natalie Southgate, a Jungian psychoanalyst from Australia, who also trained as an energy-healer before creating Chakradance, while living in London in 1998. Through her practice, she noticed that dance and specific frequency music helped to release stuck stagnant energy in the body. This in turn helps to create huge changes in mind, body, and spirit. Chakradance is a practice that connects and integrates the soul and body. Chakradance uses dynamic moving meditations set to music specially created and scientifically proven to resonate vibrationally with each of the seven main chakras (see previous articles for more information on each specific chakra). The music is modern dance with specific musical tones that have a lasting effect on your chakra centers. The more we hear these healing sounds, the longer the effects will last. Chakradance involves using free-form dance, music pulsing to the energy of each chakra, guided imagery, and mandala art, to help move and open each chakra center to release stuck energy that is no longer serving you. Often an emotional release takes place, sometimes through memories, images, or a knowing that arises while dancing. The meditative movement, or dancing, helps to remove old stagnant energy, leaving your body to feel freer and more fluid. As you begin to release more and more of this trapped emotional energy, you release old patterns, and are more able to be present in the moment — the now. It is the merging of our inner world (soul level-emotions, thoughts) with our outer world (the physical). So many of us suffer uncomfortable symptoms in our lives — depression, anxiety, addictions. Shamanic cultures believe these symptoms arise from loss of connection to our soul, there is a conflict between our inner and outer world. Our soul is constantly communicating with us through our bodies, our feelings, relationships, dreams, art and of course, our dance. Chakradance is a journey inward to bring forth healing to our outer world. Each dance is a unique and different experience.

I am pleased and excited, as one of Oregon’s only 3 certified facilitators, to bring this healing modality to the North Oregon Coast. I will be offering a 9-week series- Awakening- starting June 3rd, for a small group who are ready for deep inner transformational work, with plans to add more classes soon. We will start the first week with an introduction to our chakras, and then spend the following 7 weeks, delving deeper into each of our 7 main chakras. The last week is an Integration week, the dance of wholeness and balance. This is the week to integrate our previous 8 journeys into one, to help bring into view a picture of our whole Chakra system- how is it harmoniously working together. It will give you a good picture of what has healed and what still may need some release.
Each class starts with a brief warm-up, to bring your awareness inward and begin to connect with your body. This is followed by free form dance, with powerful music that vibrates through each cell, while gentle guided imagery is spoken by the facilitator. The music is loud- it moves you, the room is darkened-this is not a dance of steps or performance- it is a journey inward. Our body begins to move to the music helping facilitate the release of energy from our cells, opening and balancing the chakra centers. It gets everything from your face to your feet moving. Chakradance is a tool for well-being. It requires you to participate physically, emotionally, spiritually. At the end of each class, after dancing, you are asked to take the energy, feelings, or insights gained while exploring your inner world and bring it to the outer world in the form of mandala art. The art itself is not what is important, it is what it represents that is important. The images, symbols and memories that are released while dancing become powerful tools to moving forward when we recreate them into a physical form — a piece of art filled with your energetic signature. Each chakra will be explored, and tips on ways to work with them will be given so you can continue your journey in between classes.
This series will bring major energetic shifts, and help you to rediscover your true authentic, healed self. Here are some recommendations from a recent demo.
“I came away feeling balanced and renewed. Christy is a gifted and supportive facilitator.”
“Chakradance has been a powerful experience. Christy guides you confidently, each session builds upon the previous one. I highly recommend it.”
For more information. questions, or to register, feel free to contact me at or call (503) 800-1092 or Namaste!