City of Manzanita Announces Short-Term Rental Re-opening May 29th

The past several months have certainly been challenging times for all of us. Having said that, our community is to be congratulated on their efforts to date. By continuing to stay at home, wear masks and practicing social distancing, together we have been successful in avoiding widespread virus infection. However, many in our community have expressed concern regarding how best to begin to reopen our town, and in particular our short-term rental program. Over the past weeks, the City of Manzanita has been working closely with our neighboring communities, Tillamook, Clatsop and Lincoln Counties, to establish guidelines that can be used by all jurisdictions to help ensure a safe and slow roll-out for short-term rentals and lodging facilities. As a result, Manzanita will be authorizing rentals beginning at noon on May 29th, 2020.

In order to make this as safe as possible for our community, we have established rigorous cleaning standards and occupancy protocols. In addition, the City has committed to remaining both diligent and flexible and will immediately respond should we experience any rise in coronavirus inspection levels, including a shut-down of STR activity if warranted.
The city has instituted a three-phase plan:
1. Licensed STR’s can begin to rent properties beginning 12:00 noon, May 29th thru 12:00 noon. June 12, 2020.
2. Licensed STR’s can rent up to 50% of the dates within the identified phase 1 period, i.e., 50% of the available rental days between noon May 29th and noon June 12th. (A maximum of seven nights.) EXCEPTION: Licensed STR owners or agents may rent to a single client for occupancy during the entire Phase 1 period.
1. Upon review of Phase 1, and in concurrence with stakeholders and other local government(s), the City Council would begin Phase 2.
2. Licensed STR’s can begin to rent beginning 12:00 noon, June 12 through noon June 30, 2020.
3. Licensed STR’s could rent up to 70% of the dates within the above timeframe, i.e., 70% of the available rental dates between noon, June 12, 2020 to noon June 30th, 2020. (A maximum of 10 nights.) EXCEPTION: Licensed STR owners or agents may rent to a single client for occupancy during the entire Phase 2 period.
1, Upon review of Phase 2, and the rate of coronavirus infection within Manzanita and Tillamook County, the City Council will authorize Phase 3.
2. Licensed STR’s can begin to rent starting 12:00 noon, June 30th.
3. Licensed STR’s can rent 100% of the dates going forward unless otherwise notified by the City of Manzanita.
In all cases, all rules guidelines issued by the City, County, or Public Health Officials shall be followed.
The city has also developed best-practices cleaning guidelines to protect guests, employees and our community. These guides, including PowerPoint and video training programs, along with other documents, can be found on the city website identified below. We have used the current CDC guidelines concerning cleaning and sanitizing. Based on CDC recommendations, we advise limiting access to rental homes, including for cleaning, during the 24 hours immediately after each guest’s stay. We have created a video presentation to be certain that all persons involved in the cleaning and supervising of the rental homes understands what they are to do, and the importance of why it must be done correctly and conscientiously.
We encourage you to check the Oregon Governor’s website and the City of Manzanita site often. You can join Zoom City Council Meetings and Short-Term Rental Oversight Committee meetings if you choose. You can find links to these meetings on the city website: or posted in the Manzanita post office. Together we will strive to keep our beautiful city open and safe.