City of Rockaway Beach Announces Volunteer of the Year – Cindy Kay Gregory

By Robin Swain

Cindy Kay Gregory is a beautiful soul that lights up the city of Rockaway Beach. Her commitment to the community is heartfelt. Cindy Kay said, “I had an epiphany in third grade, I realized we are not better than anyone, we are all the same. I try not to take anything for granted. I do as much as I can, while I can.”
One of the things Cindy Kay loves, (besides Sky), is the Rockaway Renaissance Artists. She became very excited talking about the goals they have. “I want to bring Art back into our community. I would love to showcase our local artists, especially the kids. There is so much here that should, and will, have a spotlight!”

Cindy Kay Gregory and Sky
Rockaway Renaissance Artists is not the only endeavor Cindy is involved in. Friends of the Library, Hunters Helpers, becoming a foster with United Paws, and she also has taken care of the flower beds around the Caboose for the past five years. However, it is not the committees and boards that she participates on, or the flowers she plants, that will have her riding in a convertible in Rockaway Beach’s 4th of July Parade, as Volunteer of the Year.
It’s all the other “stuff” Cindy does, that springs from her kindness. She is the epitome of a good neighbor and a good friend. When Cindy sees or hears of someone in need, she gets busy connecting people to help each other. From helping to finish a remodel, organizing a food train, giving someone a ride, to grocery shopping for people when they are sick. It’s getting a few people together to rebuild a fence at the church or mow a yard. It’s these little things, that Cindy takes in stride throughout her day, with her only thought being, how can I help?
“I want people to take pride in their homes and businesses and dress our community up again. I would like more people to get out and get involved,” encouraged Cindy.
Underneath the dust and around the wear and tear, Cindy can see the fine tapestry with its brilliant colors, that is Rockaway Beach. Like a true Renaissance Artist, she is brushing off the dust, and using the thread of community to repair the wear and tear. With every heart she touches the color becomes more brilliant, once again. Congratulations and a well-deserved honor – Cindy Kay Gregory, Rockaway Beach Volunteer of the Year!
Here’s the 4th of July event schedule for Rockaway Beach – the activities get off to a roaring start with a National Guard flyover at 10:45 am announcing the start of the parade at 11 am, the “Wiener National Races” at Phyllis Baker Park, then activities on the beach, followed by the fireworks – a full day of fun!