Clatsop County extends lodging closure order to May 31; Tillamook County extends closure to May 15th

The Tillamook County Board of Commissioners voted Wednesday April 22nd to extend Tillamook County’s emergency declaration and closures of parks, short term rentals, motels and campgrounds to May 15th.
The Clatsop County Board of Commissioners also voted Wednesday to extend both the county’s emergency declaration related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergency order closing hotels, vacation rentals and campgrounds to May 31.
The emergency declarations enable the boards to take actions specific to the county in addition to those already declared by the State of Oregon. It also qualifies the county for state and federal assistance and reimbursement for costs associated with the local COVID-19 response.

Under the authority of the declaration the boards on March 22 approved an emergency order temporarily closing hotels, vacation rentals and campgrounds to all but select categories of guests. The order, which covers the unincorporated county, came in response to large numbers of visitors who crowded local communities. Local cities approved their own lodging closures as well or adopted the county’s order.
The lodging order allows exceptions only for campground visitors who have longer-term reservations dating from March 11, as well as campground staff, hosts and people employed in Clatsop County on a temporary basis; hotel guests here on March 22 who were registered for longer than 30 days; and short-stay guests employed in the county on a temporary basis.