Coast Guard, local agencies conduct joint exercise around base in Warrenton today June 29

WARRENTON, Ore. — Coast Guard and local agency partners will conduct a joint exercise at the Coast Guard Sector Columbia River base between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Thursday.

The exercise will simulate a security incident on base, with participants simulating how they will respond to the incident and what actions they will take in order to restore normal operations after such an incident. 

Members from Sector Columbia River, the Astoria Police Department, the Warrenton Police Department, Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office, Astoria 911 and Clatsop County Emergency Management are participating.

The exercise is being conducted to test and improve the overall preparedness of Coast Guard and partner agency personnel for an emergency event.

The incident is not real, however, actions taken as part of the exercise will be practiced in a manner that is as realistic as possible. In order to complete the exercise in a realistic environment and maintain a high level of safety, the exercise area will not be open to the public or media. For any questions regarding the exercise, the point of contact is Lt. Cmdr. Kristen Caldwell at 503-861-6206.

We ask for your patience and support in the event the exercise disrupts your daily routine.

If anyone is unsure if a situation is unrelated to the Coast Guard exercise, they should immediately report it to the Coast Guard or local law enforcement agency.