Consider ALL in our Community …

Hello to all our dear community!

I have been following along with all the comments about the upcoming NCRD Board of Directors vote. I love hearing what our community believes. I have made my choice. Constance Shimek gets my vote.

Having worked with Constance for over 12 years, I know her to be very organized, creative, open to new ideas, energized, people-oriented. She has great follow-through and focus. She really listens, and takes action to resolve situations. Constance is always willing to lend a hand no matter what the endeavor. She is generous, kind, compassionate, fair, conscientious, and always loves a new challenge.

It’s true that Jack has been involved through many of the great changes that have happened at NCRD. He can list all the accomplishments because he was in the position at the time. He has worked hard over his past 8 years to help bring about these changes. We have a marvelous community center, offering SO much to many people. We are very lucky to have such dedicated and qualified staff, such an excellent resource in our small community.

However, the claims of feeling marginalized are not “manufactured” as someone has claimed. Constance is not mentioning names because of her excellent confidentiality and admirable honoring of others. But the claims of marginalization are real. I have heard many of them directly from the people affected. And I know there are many others, though I haven’t talked directly with them. I myself was quickly dismissed when I brought an idea to NCRD. It was a small matter; but having been involved with NCRD for over 22 years, it hurt to not be heard, not given any consideration.

In addition, Constance is not seeking any political gain. She does not have “questionable political motives” as someone expressed. Public service does not mean political aspirations.

Constance has been a staunch supporter of NCRD for MANY years. I have seen her at almost every fund-raising booth working joyously and tirelessly to support the new pool and NCRD throughout the years. She wants the NCRD, which she has worked so hard for, to be inclusive, accessible and available to all.

I agree with Julianne Johnson’s BBQ letter – “We need them both!”. It seems an excellent idea to have Jack Bloom be the Chair of the pool committee, to oversee the construction and costs of the new pool. Let us bring in Constance as the new Chair of the NCRD Board. Her inclusiveness, non-divisiveness, open mindedness, and thoughtful approach will only make NCRD an even better COMMUNITY center. We are moving into a new era in which EACH individual is seen as a whole PERSON, with ideas, needs and aspirations of their own. We need to listen to ALL. Constance promises to offer this, has the brilliance, energy and gumption to make the necessary changes to ensure this for ALL.

MY VOTE GOES TO CONSTANCE SHIMEK!!!!! Please consider the ALL and cast your vote for her, too. Thank you so much!!!!
Kathleen Moore, Nehalem