Constance Shimek for North County Recreation District District Position #5

Having known and worked with Constance Shimek in the Nehalem Bay Garden Club for over 5 years, I find her to be smart, hard working and willing to make things happen. And what I learned about her in that time is that she has a deep desire to make our community better for EVERYONE. She genuinely wants to listen to anyone who has ideas and or concerns about NCRD and to try to craft win-win solutions.
Imagine what our world would be like if we all (leaders, neighbors, relatives) worked together to seek win-win solutions. It’s a tough road, no question. Our culture tends to push us down the road of win/lose so taking a different path is bucking that system.

Systems can change, can evolve, though sometimes I despair of that. That’s why I am voting for Constance Shimek for the NCRD board. She is willing to model a different way of interacting that leaves egos at the door and does the hard work of really listening and discovering underlying causes to problems that can illuminate solutions that work for as many of us as possible.
It takes courage and an open heart to follow a new road. Constance is taking a first step on that journey by running for the NCRD board. Please join me in voting for her.
Barbara McLaughlin, Nehalem