Coop for NCRD Director Position #4

My name is John Coopersmith, candidate for North County Recreation District Board of Directors. The North County Recreation District has an opportunity and a challenge. Last November voters approved a bond with a 57% yes vote to build a new pool replacing the current 90- year-old pool. The opportunity to build this new pool is also the challenge. Overseeing the management of a $9 million+ pool project will be a complex effort. As a past Board Member, I am familiar with multi-million-dollar budgets. As past Chair of the Capitol Improvement Committee, I am experienced with working on large projects. I worked on the Performing Arts Center project; the re-construction of the upper parking lot; planning for the new pool; the Champ Field transformation; the entry way, hall and kitchen project and many others. Now is the time experience counts. As a member of a team, I will work hard for NCRD to successfully complete the pool construction within budget and on time. Some may know until recently I was an elected NCRD Board member. Due to an out-of-town job opportunity, I regretfully resigned from the Board in July 2019. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic that job went away.

I hope to again serve the community I cherish, contributing as an active NCRD Board member. I have always said my goal was to see the greatest possible number of people benefit by using district facilities. In life, I believe we never know where the next good idea may come from, so we must always listen. I will listen. An organization is only as good as the people who comprise it. To this end to better recruit and retain good employees I proposed NCRD adopt an employee retirement program where previously there was none. NCRD did successfully implement a retirement program. To better inform the people of NCRD’s programs and opportunities I proposed the district put out a quarterly newsletter. We did this electronically, saving money on postage and paper. I will encourage the district to again put out newsletters informing the public of District news and opportunities. If anyone remembers the old NCRD website, for years I promoted adopting a new, easier-to-use district website. The new website is improved over the old site. With years of NCRD Board experience, working with multi-million-dollar budgets and as a member and past Chair of the NCRD Capital Improvement Committee I have the knowledge and experience to help bring this complex project in within budget and on time. I hope to see NCRD find ways to better serve all the people of the district. As example, the current skateboard ramp will be demolished to make room for the new pool. I will suggest ways within the current budget to plan, with the input and ideas of skateboarders, for a new ramp serving the many who use it. I ask for your vote.