From County Commissioners Order # 18-085
“Manzanita Transfer Station: Garbage/Municipal Solid Waste: $110.00 per ton plus a $10.00 per ton disposal surcharge with an $8.25 minimum fee (150 lbs) plus a $11.75 minimum fee disposal surcharge, resulting in a total cost of $120.00 per ton with a $20.00 minimum fee.”

Translation for North County customers at the Manzanita Transfer Station operated by CARTM: $20.00 for up to 150 lbs of trash. Over 150 lbs is charged at $120 per ton plus a surcharge of $11.75.
< 150 lbs = $20.00 180 lbs = $22.55 200 lbs = $23.75 500 lbs = $41.75 1,000 lbs = $71.75 About 75% of the trash transactions at CARTM are minimum fee, and will cost $20 through June 2019. We understand that this might alter how often our customers will bring trash to the transfer station. For those on fixed incomes or without disposable income, you might consider working with your neighbor to combine loads to keep them affordable. We will continue to offer a wide variety of recycling and reuse opportunities to ensure that our community is able to get the highest and best use from discarded materials. The surcharge is temporary through June 2019. It was implemented to make disposal costs at transfer stations equitable throughout the county, and to cover transfer station operating costs in addition to trash disposal costs.