COVID-19 outbreak at Warrenton Pacific Seafood facility – 77 test positive reported today September 24th

The Clatsop County Public Health Department was informed Thursday September 24th of what appears to be a major outbreak of COVID-19 among employees of the Pacific Seafood facility in Warrenton.
Testing of the plant’s 159-member night shift conducted earlier this week by a private laboratory revealed that 77 of the workers tested positive for the illness.
The Oregon Health Authority is taking the lead in arranging for quarantine of the affected individuals, and conducting tracing of family and other contacts of those workers. The agency is also arranging to test the members of the plant’s day shift Thursday and Friday.
None of the individuals who tested positive have been hospitalized.

Pacific Seafood experienced a smaller outbreak earlier this year, when 11 employees of its Warrenton facility and four individuals who were contacts of those workers tested positive.