Crystals for Healing

By Christy Stumpf, Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner, Cosmic Healing NW
For this discussion I will use the word “crystals”, but this can be interchanged easily with stones, rocks, and minerals. The art of crystal healing has been around for many thousands of years. Humans have always known about the energetic vibrations of crystals, and how they can affect the mind, body, and spirit. Crystals have connected human beings of all cultures and civilizations, with the oldest documentation of healing crystals coming from the Egyptians, dating back to 1500 BC. Crystals have been commonplace in many cultures, from Egypt to Mayan societies, as well as Native Americans, the Greeks, and the Chinese peoples, among many, many others. Though it may not be fully accepted in Western medicine, crystals are still used and prescribed in many other parts of the world. Recently, there has been a rise in the use of crystals for healing here in the West.

Just like Reiki, Crystal Healing can be explained through physics and the laws of energy. Most crystals form inside the earth from a combination of heat and pressure. The molecules that form a crystal are built in a precise, orderly, and stable form of repeating structure, both physically and energetically. Each crystal has an energetic vibration that is specific to its molecular structure and are specific to the healing properties they possess. When these crystals are placed in your energetic field, your body attunes itself to that specific frequency, and will begin to mimic this stable pattern. Crystals have the natural ability to conduct energy and are now being used in many electronic devices because of this, such as the LCD. In recent times it has been proven there is a connection between the spiral structure of Quartz crystals and human DNA, as well as the Silica composition of Quartz Crystals and the composition of Silica in the human body. While Quartz is most like humans in its structure and composition, it does not have feelings like humans. So, while our body’s energy and frequency can tend to fluctuate based on our emotions, the crystal energy will always stay the same.
There are many different forms of crystals, from polished to rough, and terminated points and clusters to chunks of massive stone. There are many different colors of crystals, and each has healing properties specific to these colors. Some crystals can be carved into certain shapes, like balls and eggs or even pyramids, which can affect the specific way in which that crystal will vibrate and react to a person’s energy. Each person is different, having a unique energy of their own, so it makes sense that a crystal may have a different effect from one person to another. For instance, many people will be able to use Amethyst for headaches, while others may not experience the same effect. This makes crystal healing subjective, and difficult to prove its healing in scientific forums, but many thousands of people have experienced the positive side effect of this type of healing.
Some common stones and their uses: for cold or flu- sunstone may provide sore throat relief, while carnelian can help relieve common cold symptoms, and moss agate is specific to relieving flu symptoms; Stress – nephrite jade and lepidolite help reduce the effects of stress on the body, and selenite can be helpful for calming; Stomach ailments- citrine is helpful for indigestion and nausea, and red jasper can be helpful for stomach discomfort; Fertility- moonstone or obsidian can be helpful; Sadness/Grief- rose quartz and blue lace agate are generally recommended for balancing emotions.

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