Diabetes Prevention Program Info. Sessions Tuesday March 6th at Tillamook YMCA

By Kelly Benson, Healthy Living Director, Tillamook County Family YMCA

The Tillamook YMCA, in partnership with North Senior & Disability Services and Oregon Wellness Network, is launching a Diabetes Prevention Program. On Tuesday March 6th two informational one-hour orientations will be held from Noon to 1 pm and from 6 to 7 pm. The program is free to people in our community and is a 12-month program about lifestyle change for people at risk of getting diabetes.

More than one out of three American adults have prediabetes; and NINE out of ten people with prediabetes don’t know they have it. Prediabetes is when your blood sugar level is higher than normal but not high enough yet to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes. Find out your risk with this test below and see your doctor to get your blood sugar tested. If you ignore prediabetes, the risk for type 2 diabetes goes up and so does the risk for serious chronic health issues such as blindness, kidney failure, heard disease, stroke and more.
With this program learn about simple, easy lifestyle changes you can make to lower your risk and prevent type 2 diabetes with healthy eating and being more active. The weekly program will include information about ways to reduce fat and calories, moving those muscles and making being active a way of life, managing stress and ways to stay motivated.
For more information, contact Kelly at kbenson@tillamookymca.org or Wendy at wflett@tillamookymca.org, or register for visit the YMCA and register for the Diabetes Prevention Program, 610 Stillwell Avenue, or call 503-842-9622.
Here is a video for a quick risk test and a flyer about the event.
Take the Prediabetes Risk Test Type 2 Diabetes…