Diane Gibson Turns 70!! May 7, 2019

So, Diane and friends say, “Let’s eat, drink and be merry!” and celebrate Diane.
Celebration One: No-Host Dinner at Bread and Ocean
Celebration Two: After Party at the San Dune Pub
Join one or both of these two parties—two different and special events you can join in.
No-host dinner at Bread and Ocean, 6:00PM, May 7 – limited seating, call now for reservations.
Yes, the restaurant will be open JUST FOR DIANE AND CELEBRANTS.

George and Linda are offering a choice of three menus: crab cakes or salmon at $25 each, stuffed chicken at $20, or Portobello mushrooms at $18. Your wine and gratuity will be more. George says we can bring our own wine. Yeah, George! Diane’s family will make sure there is a cake for dessert.
Be sure to call George at 368.5823 by May 1 to make your reservation. We have a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 35.
If you want to be at this great fun celebration of a great lady, be an early bird.

No-host after-party at the San Dune Pub, 8-ish, May 7.
Join the revelers who will cross the street to keep on keeping on.
Cards and cheerful greetings welcome. No gifts, please.
Birthday cake to share. No reservations needed, just show up.

She says NO GIFTS. If you MUST, a donation to Mudd-Nick would be good.
Julianne says GIFT HER YOUR TIME: a beach walk, a kayak afternoon, a beer at the Pub, a short hike.
Of course, cards are always welcome