Diver rescued from Tillamook Bay by local law enforcement officers during marine patrol

Tillamook Bay-On January 22, 2018 around 1:09pm, a Marine Deputy from the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office and an OSP Fish and Game Trooper were conducting a routine marine patrol in the Crab Harbor section of Tillamook Bay when they encountered divers at a commercial clamming operation. One of the divers in the water was found to be in distress and struggling to remain afloat. Attempts to rescue the victim were made by officers on scene but were unsuccessful and the diver slipped below the surface.
A second diver with the clamming operation was able to locate the subject underwater and bring him to the surface after releasing his weight belt and other equipment. The officers were able to recover the adult male from the water who was unconscious and unresponsive. One of the officers on scene performed CPR on the victim as he was rushed by boat to the Port of Garibaldi docks to awaiting fire and rescue units.
Officers were able to resuscitate the victim while en route to medical units on shore and the male was conscious and alert upon arrival to the docks. The victim was subsequently transported to the Tillamook Regional Medical Center by ambulance for further treatment.

The identity of the adult victim was not immediately available and the incident is still under investigation according to Sheriff’s Office officials. Members of the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police, Garibaldi Fire and Rescue, Tillamook Ambulance, Tillamook 911 and the United States Coast Guard assisted with the incident.
Additional information will be released as it become available.