Do it Better Series: Gardening better

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are excited to introduce a new series from physical therapist Scott Van Kampen at Do It Better Physical Therapy. Scott will provide helpful articles and tips to help prevent injuries, advice on ways to move better and help our bodies be the best they can be – simply put, ways to “Do It Better.”

Scott Van Kampen

Do it Better Physical Therapy began full time in Tillamook in January 2019. We are located at 2101 5th St in downtown Tillamook, in the old TLC building. The treatment you receive at Do it Better is full body, and integrates all your past and current concerns into our time spent together. Many commercial, motor vehicle, and workers compensation insurances are accepted and billed for your care. Do it Better is the only independent physical therapy clinic in Tillamook county accepting new patients. We specialize in treating pain, limitations in activities, and function. Patients that are interested in returning to what they want or need to do, and are willing to follow a plan together are who we are looking to team up with.
Do it better is owned and ran by Scott Van Kampen. Scott moved to Tillamook in 2016 after marrying his beautiful wife Brenna. They just purchased a home in Garibaldi, and moved in on February 14, 2019. We love spending time on he beach, and in the woods. Hiking, riding motorcycles, and spending time near or on the water are our favorite pastimes. We look forward to continuing to live and serve in Tillamook county for years to come.

By Scott Van Kampen, PT
It is the season to dig, prepare, plant, and weed again. And, for many of us that means using tools we have not used for months on end. It requires getting up and down off the ground after spending time in oddly revisited positions to our body. This could spell irritation, injury, and some lack of sleep if you are not careful. Even just for a few of you that are trying to make your yard a more beautiful place to spend time. There are a few things that can be done to help with reducing those aches and pains.
1. Use the rake, shovel, hoe, pick axe, etc… with both sides of your body by switching sides frequently.
2. Get down and up from the ground using a different leg each time as possible. (most people always lead the way down with the same leg to lunge or crouch)
3. Try to change the direction you approach the area you are working on. If you can’t change sides of your work, then turn around now and then to come at it from the opposite side of your body.
4. Reverse the positions that you find yourself in every 10-15 minutes for a few repetitions.
– If you find yourself bent over and turning to the left > reach your hands up and overhead to the right a few times
– If you find yourself kneeling while sitting on your heels > stand up with your feet on a block and your heels on the ground, and now place your hands on your butt and push forward a few times while looking up, etc..
Remember to enjoy the fruits of your labor by sharing it with those that are closest to you. Our growing season may be limited for some things, but your opportunity to Garden better starts today. So, remember to Do it Better as you spend some time putting great things in the ground and tending to them.