Drew’s Reviews: Update – Where’s Drew? What’s in store for 2020?

By Andrew Jenck
Long time readers will know that “Drew’s Reviews” is a side job, and I haven’t had a “regular” schedule to my reviews. I do appreciate everyone’s patience, though and I assure you that I will be continuing my contributions to the Pioneer. However, I want to clean-up some projects that I have left open. First, I won’t be doing a Part 2 of a best of summer 2019 list, as it’s past relevancy. I will likely include most of those films on a “best of the year” list. I still plan on writing more editorials on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but they have been postponed until further notice.

As for the future, this current hiatus will end next weekend (Nov. 23rd or so) with my review of Frozen II. December will have my usual holiday reviews and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, likely before or a few days after Christmas.
January will be a month dedicated to the status of streaming providers and how it’s all changing as we enter into a new decade.
February will likely be when I do my best of the year list in multiple editorials.
March is where the new release slate starts to pick up, so by then I will hopefully be able to review the new releases in a more timely manner.
Again, I appreciate you sticking with me throughout these last few years, and you will be rewarded with my honest, direct reviews of current movies and more insights about the everchanging entertainment industry.