Drew’s (Short) Editorials: CHRISTMAS EVE 2020

By Andrew Jenck
I see many people not feeling the Christmas spirit this year, given the past 12 months and being unable to attend familiar traditions due to COVID. It’s been a challenge for me too, attending therapy sessions and taking mental exercises, though still feeling an occasional sense of sadness every so often. However, this time also calls for reflection; to look back on your life, wondering what could’ve been different and what’s before you now. Given this context, I’ve realized how many of the holiday specials express cynicism, criticism, and disappointment in the season.

However, there is also a sense of optimism that goes against these negative attributes. Whether it’s Charlie Brown finding wholesomeness in the midst of commercialism, Buddy the Elf bringing childlike wonder to his adult contemporaries, people believing in Kris Kingle’s kindness, George Bailey discovering the richness and love in his life, or any other examples. This is the time of year to be a light against the dark nights of winter. It is not easy to be optimistic, but it is worth it to find the warmth in our lives and tender it. Only you can put out the light. Keep it shining.

Happy Holidays.