Easter Sunday Message from Gordon McCraw

Today is the day that traditionally, we used to dress up our children in their new Easter clothes, then go to church, followed by a grand Easter dinner with family and friends here at the house, or at someone else’s house. Well, as many of you know, my kids are grown, my church is closed and today we plan to get “To-Go” Easter Dinner from Alice’s Restaurant. The new norm.
In this crazy time there is actually much to be thankful for. I am thankful for my family and friends, for my coworkers, for the house I live in, for the beautiful area in which I live, for the wonderful people that make up Tillamook County. I think we should also give thanks to the First Responders, the Law Enforcement folks, the EMTs, the Firemen, the 911 Operators. We have additional heroes, all the nurses, doctors and support staff that make up our Medical Facilities. The Grocery workers, the Pharmacy personnel, the truck drivers that keep these stocked up, these are all heroes as well. The County Commissioners had a great idea, get Hero Buttons and give them away to local heroes. The first 500 went out quickly and they ordered an additional 500 and there is talk of a third order. There are just so many heroes that even I can’t think of them all.

I personally think we are all heroes in our own way. Yea, I am in Law Enforcement and head the local Team responding to the COVID-19 crisis, but my wife and other people aren’t just sitting around doing nothing. My wife has become a mask making machine providing masks to local friends and out-of-state family members, and there are many other heroes out there doing the same. There are heroes picking up groceries and supplies for friends, neighbors, and even strangers who cannot get out. We had some friends deliver some freshly baked deserts yesterday, they are heroes. We are picking up Easter dinner at the restaurant this afternoon, they and all the other restaurant owners and workers are heroes. If you are doing your part in the Stay-At-Home and Social Distancing, which is flattening the curve, your too are a hero.
So, see, we are all heroes and have much to be thankful for, living in a county full of heroes is one. Living in such a beautiful area where we take care of each other, is another.
Today is a good day to sit back and block the negative and rejoice in the positive.
I ask you…What are your thankful for?
Gordon McCraw
Candidate for Tillamook County Sheriff