Eat, Drink, Be WILD – Manzanita Opens Wednesday May 22nd

By Laura Swanson
The re-invention of the former Mother Nature’s Foods store into WILD Manzanita by new owner Natasha Stevens will be revealed on Wednesday May 22nd as everyone is ready to Eat, Drink, Be Wild. “I want to create a community space where locals and visitors can mingle, relax, and enjoy delicious locally sourced foods and drink,” said Natasha. “I have lots of ideas, but we will absolutely keep some things that people want.” There will be a suggestion board and Natasha encourages community input. “What do you need and want? What are your favorite products that you used to get at Mother Nature’s?” asked Stevens.

There will be familiar faces — Gambele Kerr, who’s been with the former business for 12 years will still behind the counter;

Look who’s making the sweet sweet pies at Wild Manzanita – Henry Stanley.
Henry Stanley will be sharing his culinary skills as well. “We will have local guest creative food artisans providing a wide array of options – vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free,” explains Stevens. “The food is really important, and again so is input from the community.”
The first produce order fills the case at Wild Manzanita, opening Wednesday May 22nd.
Always organic, sourced locally, WILD will feature local produce and meats, groceries, bulk foods, and specialty products, herbal supplements and remedies. The details for the menu are still evolving and will include “grab and go” sandwiches and wraps. The specialty coffee blend “Hugo’s” will remain the caffeinated pour, and espresso drinks will still be available, and soon, juices and smoothies. “I’d like to do special events and pop-up dinners,” said Natasha. “We will develop our specialties and carve out a niche.”
Many in the community have mourned the loss of the social aspects found at CARTM, and Natasha acknowledges that she hopes that WILD can help fill that void. “We’ve painted and re-arranged and will have cafĂ© tables and seating to take advantage our windows that overlook the square,” added Natasha. “It’s a wonderful inviting place to just hang out.”

Eat, Drink, Be WILD is located at 298 Laneda Avenue in Downtown Manzanita. Starting Wednesday May 22nd, open seven days a week from 10 am to 6 pm, like them on Facebook Wild Manzanita or call 503-368-5316. If you have particular products or ideas, email to or stop in and leave your suggestion on the board. Everyone needs to eat, drink, and be Wild, continuing a tradition of local, organic foods