ECLIPSE NEWS: Tillamook State Forest, We’re Prepared and Ready

(TILLAMOOK, Ore.) – Wildfire prevention are the words of the week as wildland firefighters expect visitors from around the United States and world to pass though the Tillamook State Forest in route to prime viewing spots in the path of eclipse totality. Today, Wednesday August 16th was the first day that the entire staff of the Tillamook District has been dedicated to making sure that when the sun shines again on the forest it will be green.
Preventing wildfires is not just the responsibility of professional wildland firefighters and trained forestry staff but as Kate Skinner, Tillamook District Forester puts it “we all have a role in prevention”. Currently the entire State of Oregon is in Fire Season, and public use is further guided by Regulated Use regulations.  As part of Regulated Use, campfires are prohibited outside of Designated Campsites.  For example on the Tillamook State Forest campfires are allowed in Jones Creek Campground, Keening Creek Campground, and designated sites with a metal fire grate.
“Fire prevention now, will mean green forests to enjoy long after the Eclipse is a memory” Skinner added.
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Oregon Department of Forestry was founded in 1911. Today, it serves Oregonians by protecting, managing, and promoting stewardship of Oregon’s forests to enhance environmental, economic and community sustainability. ODF directly manages 800,000 acres of state-owned forestland, including the Clatsop, Santiam and Tillamook forests in northwest Oregon and the Gilchrist and Sun Pass State forests east of the Cascades. The Department of Forestry’s top priority is to provide fire protection on 16.2 million acres of private and public land. The 13th State Forester is Peter Daugherty, selected by the Board of Forestry in 2016.