Endorsement for Adam Schwend


Adam Schwend is the person most qualified to lead our county into the future, while preserving the qualities that make this place great. He has capably served the people of this great place for many years, helping future Tillamook County residents to find the place they can call their own. Because of his ideals, his experience, and his understanding of the important issues, you should elect Adam Schwend to be your next Tillamook County Commissioner.
According to the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis, long-term residential housing growth in the County has remained flat since 2000. This means that the county is in desperate need of housing that will continue to bring in employees to support our thriving dairy, timber, fishing, and business communities. Without this necessary increase in housing stock, the County will not be able to attract the needed revenue to continue to support our very important vital infrastructure.
By increasing the stock of available housing, we will also be able to increase the dollars that stay in Tillamook County. More workforce housing means better businesses, better schools, stronger communities, and more opportunity. Adam Schwend has the vision and expertise to help drive our success toward these goals.
Adam Schwend understands how to best approach the challenge of housing affordability. He has been involved in Salem in the search to create a climate that allows for communities to make their own decisions about zoning. He advocates policies that help to break the restraints on housing development in rural Oregon. He has demonstrated success in his advocacy time and time again.
Adam is a fighter for you, and for all of Tillamook County. He has a vision to guide a thriving place that respects its past, while focusing on success for all people. He understands what makes this beautiful land a great place to live, work, and play. He deserves your vote for Tillamook County Commissioner.
Sincerely yours,
Ukiah & Lacey Hawkins
Tillamook, OR