ENERGY HEALING: Change the frequency, Fill the community with light, love (Two-part Series – 1 of 2)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Oh, yes, we’ve all been feeling it – the negative energy, and it’s up to u to change it. I reached out to reiki and sound healer friend Christy Kay for some ideas about how to change the vibration and spread the love. Here’s part of one of a two part series about simple, easy things we all can do to help change the energy and provide healing to our community.

By Christy Kay, Cosmic Healing NW
Wow, what a time we are living in. A pandemic, a divided country, climate crisis, homelessness, feelings of anger and fear and pain have taken over the collective consciousness, and sometimes it feels like it is all too much. You may find yourself wondering how do I make it through? Maybe you have been sick, or isolated and alone, or worried about your children and their future. If you were to listen to the news, you would think all hope is lost. However, it really isn’t.

As you may recall in my previous articles, I talk a lot about energy. We are all made up of energy, and quantum physics has proven this. The atom has a vibration, an energy and movement to it. At its core, it is energy moving. The atom makes up a molecule, which makes up a cell, which in turn make up our physical form, our bodies. We are energy, the universe around us is energy, and we draw energy into and out of our bodies, just as we draw a breath and release it, without thinking or being conscious of this fact. You, your emotions, your thoughts and everything else including the chair you are sitting on, is in constant motion, vibrating, just not always perceptible to the human eye. We are energy, and energy moves through us. As so, the universe is always in fluid motion, and everything is connected because of this. So, how does this apply to the impending doom we seem to be facing as a human race?
Energy is transferable. What you do, say and think is energy that vibrates out from you. Have you ever walked into a room, and noticed how the energy may feel welcoming or maybe the opposite, it feels hostile? This is because of the people in the room, and what energy they are putting out. When you walk into a room filled with anger, you may pick up that vibration and become angry. When that one person who is filled with love and compassion walks into a room, the room “lights up”. One person can change the whole energy of a room (or community.) Will it be you?

If you want to find safety and security and peace in this time, become those things, and they will radiate out from you, like ripples in a pond. This is how you change your reality. Frequency is the term we use for how fast or slow a vibration is. It is a wave. Higher frequencies attune us to a higher level of consciousness, where the feelings of love, compassion, and understanding reside. It is also where we begin to see that we are all connected through this grid of energy, like a web. Your energy and vibration effect the person next to you, but also creates an energetic exchange for those in another room, or your neighborhood or the next city. Higher frequency and vibration, such as love, move easier and faster than the lower dense energies of hate or fear. To change your reality, raise your vibration (frequency). It’s really that simple.

When you go on social media or read the news of the day, you are most likely taking in the energies of anger, fear and frustration of the collective into your energetic field – and then, probably sharing them with those in your circle. These are low vibration energies, and often lead to illness – physical, emotional or spiritual. Like energy attracts like energy, is a basic science principle. Anger creates more anger, fear creates more fear, and so on and so forth. What you give out, you will always get back. So, it is so very important to be conscious and mindful of the energy and vibration you are expending. When you are feeling fear, anger and shame, you are feeding these energies into the collective energy system, and creating more of the same, which is probably what you don’t want.
Learn to take a break from the chaos that surrounds you, please take time to “check out”. Maybe even check out of the conversations and emotions that are being expressed at work or home. There is a lot of negative and dissonant energies coming at us in heightened waves right now. Go for a walk, dance, paint, create, meditate and breathe! Be mindful of the energies you are feeding yourself, from the food you eat, to what you’re reading, and the television you are watching. All these things have their own frequency and vibration. When you listen to sad music, it makes you sad. When you watch violence on tv, you become angry. These are normal emotional reactions to the energy you are feeding yourself. Why not bring in more things that help you, not make your experience harder?

Make sure you are cleansing your aura, your home, and yes, even your computer and phone. Smudging is a useful tool. You can use sage, lavender, rosemary or cedar to cleanse the air and energy around you. Leaving a bowl of salt out in your home is also helpful. Playing certain types of music like hertz music or singing bowls or drums are also great ways to clear the negative energies pervading our spaces right now. Carrying some black tourmaline, smoky quartz, shungite, selenite, or lepidolite stones with you will also be helpful for cleansing negative energy and supporting calm.
Stop and take some deep breaths and check in with your heart. Your heart that is full of love and compassion for others. Think of those you love and create an image of them in your mind. Notice how that feels in your body. It feels good, doesn’t it? Spend time in this feeling. Science has proven that spending just 3 full minutes in this state of being, thinking about those you love, is all it takes to activate the brain cells in your heart (yes, there are brain cells in your heart (and also your stomach- but that’s another article). This will allow you to vibrate from a higher frequency. It allows you to think, talk and act from a place of loving compassion, and takes you out of the fear/anger/shame loop.
I love you! You are amazing and beautiful. Be a light and shine bright. If you need help to get started, please contact me. Christy@ or (503) 800-1092

Stay tuned for more energy healing ideas from Christy Kay …