Epic Ocean Waves Battered Oregon Coast Jan. 18 – Don Best Images of Twin Rocks

From Cape Disappointment on the Long Beach Peninsula down to Lincoln City, and beyond, record-breaking ocean waves driven by storms at sea and high tides wreaked havoc on Thursday January 18th. One man was swept out by the large waves in Depoe Bay after climbing over the retaining wall. The Coast Guard searched throughout the day yesterday, but has suspended the search. Several women were injured at Roads End from logs in the surf, and multiple businesses in Lincoln City sustained damage from the waves.

Here are some photos from Don Best of Rockaway Beach of the waves breaking over Twin Rocks on January 18th. For more images of the waves, see the Tillamook County Pioneer Facebook page, and look for a summary of the videos and images on our website. Beach access remains restricted and closed as the high surf warnings continue through today. The power of the ocean, combined with high tides are amazing, but visitors are encouraged to do so from a safe distance.

The “old-timer” that took this photo referred to it as a rooster tail, as the wave action hits the bank and comes back on itself.