Eradicate Socialism – the Republican Plan

A clear 2020 election strategy of the Republican Party is the promise to rid America of all forms of socialism. It claims that socialism leads to communism, and hence must be rooted out. However it is seldom made clear what this rooting out process entails. One has to search below the surface slogans to find this out. The main claim is that socialism seeks to control and disempower people—to soften them up and then to enslave them. For example the claim, “Control healthcare and you control the people” is the reason given to justify the discontinuation of Medicare and Medicaid. The same kind of argument is directed against Social Security, welfare, and public education. They all represent devious means to enslave a free people.

So what Republicans really mean when they say they will rid America of socialism is that they will end Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, and public education. Let us have no illusions about the Republican intent. Trump has already taken steps to defund Social Security, and has promised to gut it should he be re-elected. The Affordable Health Care Act, Medicare and Medicaid are all under attack and are in danger should Republicans keep the White House and Senate.

Save Social Security. Save Medicare and Medicaid. Save America – Vote Democrat.

John Rogan, Tillamook, OR