Eugene Schmuck Foundation Distributes Funds

The Eugene Schmuck Foundation has been busy delivering funds to various nonprofit organizations and local schools.

Bill Guy & Bob Joseph

North County Food Bank
Accepting the check was Bill Guy, co-purchaser for the food bank and presented by Bob Joseph, ESF President while Bill Wright, co-purchaser looked on. We certainly miss not giving the check to Imie Camelli who has done great service to the community with her help in the food bank and we wish her a quick recovery from her broken hip.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I visited with Imie Camelli last week as she recovers from her hip surgery at the Nehalem Valley Care Center. I’m pleased and happy to report that Imie is still “kicking” – literally – she demonstrated her high kick during physical therapy. She is “doing what she is told and trying to behave.” Visitors would be great! Stop into the Nehalem Valley Care Center to cheer Imie on through her recovery.

North County Recreation District for the swim program.
Left to right are Don Markle ESF Board Member, David Wiegan, Executive Director of the NCRD, and Bob Joseph President of the ESF. The ESF plans additional funding to the NCRD for the fitness program shortly.




Senior Meals Program and the Grub Club that operates out of the St Mary By The Sea church in Rockaway. Left to right are Don Markle ESF Board Member, Bob Dempster director of the Senior Meals Programs, and Bob Joseph President of the ESF.





Leo & Bob

Neah-Kah-Nie Junior High athletic program. The check was given by Bob Joseph, President of the ESF, to Leo Lawyer, Principal and athletic director of Neah-Kah-Nie Junior High.






Heidi, Bob, & Chris

Bob Joseph, President of the ESF, Neah-Kah-Nie high school athletics program. Accepting the check is Heidi Buckmaster, Principal of Neah-Kah-Nie high school and Chris Bennett, coach of the Neah-Kah-Nie Pirates football team. GO PIRATES.
Not just have we awarded money to the High School for athletics but the following received scholarships donated by the Eugene Schmuck Foundation: Alaina Holm, Alec Winder, Ariel Brazile, Dana Moore, Jamey Sherman, Kindness Hyde, Max Halverson, and Taylor Winder.