EXCLUSIVE PIONEER INTERVIEW: Easter Bunny Setting Up in Rockaway Beach for Saturday Event

For the Pioneer – By Robin Swain
I was taking advantage of a sun break and went for a walk in the Phyllis Baker City park here in Rockaway Beach.
I decided to take a video (see below!) of my walk to share with friends. What a lucky decision. There, in the pompous grass he stood, the Easter Bunny!
Tape measure in one hand, note pad in the other. Walking around trees, bushes and zig-zagging across the grass, taking measurements and writing notes. I was sneaking closer when my graceful self stepped on a twig, startling The Easter Bunny who started to hop away but, I was able to convince him to stay for an interview.

My first question obviously, was to ask him what are you doing here before Easter? The Easter Bunny replied that he was measuring and mapping out where He and the Rockaway Beach Volunteer Fire department, were going to hide all the eggs.
Robin Swain: What kind of magic or Special power do you have that allows you to attend so many events around the world?
Easter Bunny: No special powers. No magic. Just a very large family and Bunny community around the world.
RS: So is this just as much a tradition for you and your family to distribute all this joy as it is for our families to partake in the Easter egg hunt?
EB: Yes. It is a great honor and blessing that has been passed down through the generations for many centuries.
RS: What are your favorite things about the Rockaway Beach annual Easter egg hunt?
EB: The joy and laughter as the kids search for the eggs. The parents running along to capture the moment on video. The squeals of delight when a golden egg is found!
RS: Golden Eggs? What is special about the golden eggs?
EB: Money, hidden inside!
RS: That must be new, I don’t recall golden eggs when I was a child.
EB: This added tradition has been around for a long time apparently not as long as you, though. (wink-wink)
RS: Wow! When you let loose with a snap you don’t mess around! What else do you like about Easter in Rockaway Beach?
EB: THE SCAVENGER HUNT! What great family fun!
You get your maps, rules and clues at the Easter Egg hunt. The Easter Egg hunt starts promptly at NOON. The Scavenger Hunt starts at 1pm.

RS: How do you have time to do all of this?
EB: The Rockaway Beach Merchant’s Association is sponsoring the Scavenger Hunt. Tom and Andrea Wolfe are the co-chairs for this event. All of the participating merchants have Provided great prizes.
RS: Do you happen to know what those prizes are?
EB: Yes! Two kids scooters. 4 Easter baskets and there are 3 prize baskets for the adults.
RS: How do the enter for the prizes?
EB: They follow the map and clues to each participating merchant. Get their map stamped at each location. When they have completed it, they turn it in to Keller Williams real estate where they will get Raffle tickets to enter the drawing for the prizes. The drawing will take place at 4:30 pm.
RS: I know you still have a lot to do before this weekend so I will let you get back to work. Thank you so much for your time.
EB: You are welcome. Hey! I almost forgot. We will have a little photo booth set up for pictures with me, too.
RS: That’s wonderful. I’m sure the families will love that!

Join the Rockway Beach Merchants Association at the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Phyllis Baker Park, then enjoy a day getting to know Rockaway Beach with the scavenger hunt – and win more prizes!