Facebook can make you really old

I didn’t know that Facebook would age me until I read an article in a magazine at the doctor’s office. Essentially, the article said that if you were involved with Facebook you would live longer. Of course, there were statistics but I’m not sure how I feel about this. Longer than who? Longer than what?

Apparently Facebook improves quality of life, which ultimately means you’ll get more days on Earth than people who don’t indulge in the habit. I’m pretty sure the same is true of folks who volunteer, exercise and eat right.

I struggled to be part of Facebook. It was not an easy set of skills for me to learn. Now, I am helping my Mom…who, at the age of 87 years, is game to learn anything as long as it can be learned in ten minutes and will always do the right thing without any problems. I will admit we’ve had some real tense times in front of her computer, over the phone and standing at customer service counters. So far though, we’re both still on FB and we still love each other.

With this in mind, I’m guessing some folks could live a shorter life by owning a computer and trying to learn everything about it. Facebook could be one of those things. If you’ve ever been “hacked” you’ll know what I mean. The good news is that if you stay with it, the good usually outweighs the bad.

I dislike talking on the phone and only write letters to two friends. I do send cards but that happens less and less frequently. When card prices hit the five dollar mark, I backed off. Good news though…there’s always the Dollar Tree. I do like email but most of my friends are on FB so I usually visit with them there as a matter of convenience.

I’m not much to get “out and about” either so it’s pretty nice to be able to have a conversation from right here in my own home, in my jammies. So…there you go. Conversing and being part of Facebook is something which might get me more days in this world. I’m pretty sure there is no written or implied guarantee. When my body and mind are ready to say good-bye, I promise not to curse Facebook and I hope you won’t either. Thanks in advance.

In the meantime, I usually check in with FB each day. If it’s a “blue day” I don’t say much but I do read and always find something that cheers me up. I never leave without laughing at something someone has shared. I never leave without learning something I didn’t know before. I try always to applaud the efforts of others…whether it’s a cousin’s basketball game or a new room repainted by an old friend.

Through Facebook, I’ve learned to reconnect with members of my family. Our reunions used to take place once a year. Now they happen every day as we learn things about each other through the sharing of pictures and news. The other benefit is that more of us can participate. It no longer matters if you live 3,000 miles from Oregon. We can chat like we were neighbors.

Something else has happened, too. I have new friends who are very special to me and who I’ve never met in person. One of them lives in Canada and I “met” her through a dear friend in Mexico. Sounds pretty crazy but it’s true. One of them lives in Georgia and she’s my first great-grandchild.

My new job is Facebook. I keep track of friendships, offer encouraging words and stupid jokes. I am also the unofficial goddess of puns. I love babies too. This is my forte. Every person who looks me up should get a giggle. Oh, and yes…I know I use the word and symbol for ‘love’ too much.

I am part of a network of friends who will always offer help, a recipe or advice. We are here for each other every day, be it scam or sadness, fakes or funnies.

Facebook keeps us active and involved. If you do nothing other than reading posts and searching out friends…you’re supposed to live longer. I believe but don’t forget those statistics…

Linda Shaffer and Grover.