Fare Changes and Expanded Transportation Options Coming to Dial-A-Ride July 1st

Tillamook County Transportation District will launch a restructured fare policy for its Dial-A-Ride services beginning July 1, 2021. These changes are the result of an 18-month-long study into the District’s current fare and service offerings and was unanimously adopted at the May 17, 2021 meeting of the Board of Directors.
“Before, Dial-A-Ride was primarily limited to trips within one zone,” explains Doug Pilant, General Manager for the District. “We knew this left a large, unmet need in the community. We are excited that as of July 1, people can request a Dial-A-Ride for transportation to anywhere in the county. This represents a significant increase in transportation options for Tillamook County residents.”

Before, Dial-A-Ride was $4 for any one-way trip within a zone, or $2 for those qualifying for a reduced fare. Two-zone trips were only allowed for medical purposes only, and cost $12.50 each way. Now, Dial-A-Ride users will pay a regular fare of $4 or a reduced fare of $2 for any trip up to 5 miles, then just $0.50 per mile after that. Trips can be taken from anywhere in the county, to anywhere in the county, for any purpose.

“Most of our current trips are under 5 miles,” Doug continues. “We expect that will change over time with the elimination of the single zone travel restriction. Our new fare structure will make longer trips affordable and accessible to people while adding more fare equity into the system.”

The District anticipates revised fare policies for its bus services to be rolled out later this summer.

For more information, or to reserve a Dial-A-Ride, please call the District at 503-815-8283.