FILL IT! Help Tillamook County Sheriff’s Fill Sheriff Horton’s Office with Food for Local Food Banks

The Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with the Tillamook Chapter of the Oregon Food Bank, The City of Manzanita, The City of Rockaway Beach, The City of Garibaldi, and the Nestucca Rural Fire Protection District to conduct a food drive from now until December 15, 2019! Sheriff Horton has been away from the office for a few days, and while he has been away, we have become conspiratorial and decided to fill his office with food!

Collection barrels are set up at the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office, Manzanita City Hall, Rockaway Beach City Police Dept, Garibaldi City Hall, Tillamook County Courthouse, and Nestucca Rural Fire Protection District Hebo Fire Hall. Our goal is to fill the Sheriff’s Office to the point where he cannot walk through the office except in a small designated pathway. Be sure to check out the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Facebook page. They will be posting weekly photos!
On December 16th, we will deliver all the food collected to the local Food Bank.
Here is a photo of all the room we have to fill (Sheriff Horton’s office).

• Peanut Butter and other nut butters
• Canned Meats such as chicken, salmon, and tuna
• Canned and boxed meals such as soup, chili, and stew.
• Beans and peas either canned or dried
• Canned fruits and vegetables
• Pasta, rice, and cereal
• whole grains
• Shelf table milk
• 100% fruit & Vegetable juice
• Cooking Oil
Consider donating healthy, whole grain, low-fat, low-sodium and low-sugar products.

To ensure food safety, Oregon Food Bank can’t use:
• rusty or unlabeled cans
• perishable items (applies only to food drive donations)
• homemade items
• noncommercial canned or packaged items
• alcoholic beverages, mixes or soda
• open or used items
PLEASE NOTE: If you donate glass products, please box or bag them separately and label the box or bag “GLASS” on all sides.