From Boys Scouts Cascade Pacific Council –
Update as of Monday, July 8 at 6:50am:
The small fire did not spread during the night and is under control, with professional fire crews managing hot spots. For the safety of all persons, a temporary off-limits work area has been established. All persons are safe and healthy, and were either returned to their campsites for sleep early this morning, or were assigned temporary quarters for those whose campsite is within the temporary work area.
Today’s camp schedule has been modified to allow campers to sleep in, with breakfast at 10am, and program activities planned to begin shortly thereafter so that Scouts can continue their Scout camp adventure.
We anticipate several troops to arrive this morning as part of their normal arrival schedule. Those troops are advised that camp is safe and we look forward to their arrival as planned.

Posted Sunday, July 7 at 11:30pm:
A small fire began at the South end of the beach bluff area at Camp Meriwether in the evening of Sunday, July 7, possibly started by members of the public at the nearby Sand Lake Recreation Area. The camp’s standard emergency procedures were promptly activated; all campers and staff have been assembled and accounted for, and are safe in the camp dining hall awaiting instructions from emergency personnel and camp leadership. It is not anticipated that an evacuation will be necessary.
Similar precautions were taken at Camp Clark, the Cub Scout camp just North of Camp Meriwether; those campers were also assembled, and are all safe and accounted for. Camp Clark campers have since been released to their campsites for the night.
Emergency personnel from several local agencies have been and continue to be onsite, are handling the situation, and are in constant communication with camp and council leadership. We are monitoring the situation closely and will take every step to ensure the continued safety of all persons.

Any further developments will be posted on this page –