Fire Season Start July 1st in the Northwest Oregon Forest Protective Association

Fire season and regulated use will begin on July 1st in the Northwest Forest Protective Association, which includes parts of Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook, Washington, and Yamhill Counties.)
Fire restrictions will vary through the summer based on fire danger conditions.
For Public Restrictions, levels move from low (green), to extreme (red). These are indicated on the fire information boards at major roads entering forested areas. Fireworks are illegal in the forest protection district at all levels.

Prevent human-caused wildfires
When fire season goes into effect, some activities in the great outdoors are prone to start fires. In an effort to prevent these fires from starting, the Oregon Department of Forestry and our partners impose restrictions pertaining to public and work related activities. Areas outside ODF protection, such as the USDA Forest Service, will provide links to other agency fire regulation information.
Check fire restrictions
A map identifying fire restrictions is available here: and will be updated July 1st with fire season information.
Zoom in on the map, then click on your location. The sidebar will display fire restrictions and/or the proclamation.

For industrial forest operations, levels vary from Level 1 to Level 4 with accompanying restrictions to protect forest resources. Restrictions are very similar to last year. Remember, a 1 hour fire watch is required in Level I, a 2 hour fire watch in Level II, and a 2 hour fire watch in Level III. Level 4 (if we get there) is a shutdown, so no fire watch is required.

Prohibited during fire season

  • Sky lanterns are prohibited year round throughout Oregon
  • Use of exploding targets and tracer ammunition is prohibited
  • Backyard debris burning is prohibited

Fire season requirements for industrial operations
Industrial Fire Precaution Levels (IFPL)
Private landowner closure information (Provided by OFIC)
A map identifying fire restrictions is available here: and will be updated July 1st with fire season information.
Additional information for the Tillamook State Forest can be found at
Our fire crews are completing their initial training and will be ready for fire season.
For additional information, contact your local ODF office.