Fresh Foods Marketplace Established Emergency Grocery Fund; Reminder About Curbside Pickup & Delivery Services Available; Suspended Use of Reusable Bags

We want to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to all our customers of North Tillamook and South Clatsop counties for helping us to keep the doors open during these trying times. We are especially grateful to our suppliers and the truck drivers who are doing everything they can to get product to us. We feel lucky to have jobs that are essential to our community, as so many of our neighbors and friends have been financially devastated by this worldwide pandemic and health crisis. While we have been fortunate so far, a cancelled spring break, and the unknowns for the summer season have us cautious about the future, but all we can really do is take it one day at a time — and take care of each other and our communities.

For those that need help, Fresh Foods has established a $5,000.00 fund for emergency groceries for our locals that really need it. Our site managers will be the approval authority on both, so communicate with them in private if you need assistance. We really hope this is not abused. Customers can contribute money and/or rewards points to the fund if they wish to help, just let us know. For contact regarding this, please reach out to:
Jon in Manzanita –;
Jason or Allen in Cannon Beach or
As owners, we would like to thank our dedicated employees who have showed up, worked extra hours, and put themselves on the frontlines of this crisis in order to keep an essential business supplying our friends and neighbors with food. As a group, we have come to the understanding that fear cannot rule, we have a job to do and we are taking precautions and following the guidance set forth from various agencies to prevent the spread of this pandemic while we operate. This is new ground for all of us.
To our customers, remember our curbside and delivery service is available. Please email with your orders, and store location (Manzanita or Cannon Beach) in the subject line. We will deliver up to 5 pm, curbside available until close at 7:30 pm. If your order comes in after the cutoff time, we will fulfill it the next day.
From this point forward, we have decided to suspend the use of reusable bags to contribute to sanitary conditions. We apologize for this, but we are trying to follow best practices at this point.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and we will get through this together.