Friends of Cape Falcon Marine Reserve Hosts Event on North Pacific Right Whale – Life-long sailor and naturalist Kevin Campion to give presentation at virtual event Jan. 6th

MANZANITA, OR—Uncover the history of the North Pacific Right Whale and explore what the future holds for this species at a virtual event hosted by Friends of Cape Falcon Marine Reserve.

Save the North Pacific Right Whale founder Kevin Campion will be the featured speaker at “The North Pacific Right Whale: The World’s Rarest Whale,” scheduled for 7 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 6. The event also will include a screening of clips from Campion’s new film “Right Over the Edge.”

Less than 200 years ago, North Pacific right whales were common along the Pacific Rim, from the Bering Sea to Baja California, occurring seasonally off the Oregon Coast.

Commercial whaling severely depleted the population of North Pacific right whales beginning in the 19th century and continuing into the 1960s. Today, North Pacific right whales are critically endangered—considered by many to be the most endangered whale species on Earth. While they are no longer hunted, the whales are still impacted by human activities exacerbated by their small population size.

During this event, take a deep look into the history of whaling in the North Pacific with Campion, a lifelong sailor, surfer and naturalist. Campion continues to run the youth voyaging and conservation organization Deep Green Wilderness and has newly founded Save the North Pacific Right Whale.
Learn more and reserve your spot by visiting, by emailing, or by calling 503.298.5190.