Full Moon in Aquarius – August 15, 2019

By Madame Dana Zia
Is it full moon time already? How’d that happen? Just as soon as I feel as though I’ve processed all the emotional intensity of the last full moon, another one arrives. But that’s how the lunar cycle works, it provides you with a reliable cycle that is very visual to track time and progress. It is a container for spiritual growth and release as well. During the new moon, you are encouraged to set an intention and look forward to a new beginning. By the time you reach the full moon, your intentions reach a sense of fruition, and you can let go of it all. Well, at least that is the intent of the Lunar cycle!

The Full Moon is going to be a bit different this month. It is in the cerebral sign of Aquarius and opposing (directly across from) the Sun, as with all Full Moons. This is one of the reasons all Full Moons are a bit intense, there is tension between the Moon and Sun. To add to the tension, Venus is directly conjunct the Sun, invisible to the eye, eclipsed in the Sun’s glare. She moved into the Sun’s light in July and will be re-born again as an evening star on September 19th. But during this Full Moon, she is EXACTLY conjunct the Sun. And to add to it, Mars is there romping around in the Sun’s glare too.
Astrologers call this transit “being in the underworld” since ancient astronomers thought that when Venus, Mars and Mercury disappeared in the Sun’s light, they had been swallowed into the underworld. Then when they show up again, as an evening or morning star, they are reborn and washed clean of all the “sins” of the world. Sound familiar? This mythological cycle goes WAY BACK!
So what does this mean?? With both Mars and Venus in the underworld, this is more a time of consideration and of allowing processes of transformation to work on us, rather than of directed action and expression. Mars represents our inner male energy and Venus our inner female energy and they are both eclipsed right now. This is not a time of grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns, you are likely to get gored. The famous quote by Lewis Carrol “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get” is extremely apt at this Full Moon.
Living a deliberate life is what will get you traction this Full Moon. Stop, feel, understand, smell some of those gorgeous August flowers and for heaven’s sake, grab a day of summer to be Leo. You know, be a cat. Lounge in the Sun, preen and eat watermelon. This is not a Full Moon to charge forward, blinded by the Sun or you will certainly get frustrated. If you do have deadlines, work on them deliberately and with no distractions. You will get the to-do list done but it must be done deliberately and with some planning.