Garibaldi Portside Bistro: Taking Coastal Heritage and Dining Experience to the Next Level

By Mike Arseneault
The food scene in Tillamook County will be getting a huge boost as the ever popular foodie destination, the Garibaldi Portside Bistro, opens its newer and larger restaurant at the former location of the Troller Restaurant and Lounge within the Port of Garibaldi Marina.
Thanks to the Vandecouvering family, the Troller Restaurant and Lounge became an institution in Garibaldi and the broader Tillamook County. Previously known as the Troller Café, following a fire, the Troller Restaurant & Lounge was rebuilt in 1976 and became the go-to spot for local and commercial fishermen to meet up, grab a hot cup of joe, a hardy meal, and tell some stories before heading out on the water.

The heritage of this institution will be redefined and given a new look and new life by Chef Dennis Cavitt and his wife Amanda, who, due to overwhelming demand, have purchased the historic building as the new expanded home for their highly popular Garibaldi Portside Bistro.
Since opening in the Port in 2016, the Garibaldi Portside Bistro has been making headlines with its refined twist on comfort food.

Specializing in smoked meats and local fish, Dennis prides himself on using local quality ingredients and making small batches from scratch.

Dennis and Amanda Cavitt Photo by Mike Arseneault

“We’re honored to be able to bring new life and reimagine this iconic building with an exciting new menu and a fresh remodel that combines modern design with a few vintage Troller elements. And of course, the friendly service and incredible Port of Garibaldi views will complete the experience. Come visit us, we promise you won’t leave hungry”.
Dennis and Amanda recognize and respect the heritage of this unique restaurant and are committed to delivering incredible food, service, and a distinctive dining experience for locals and tourists.

The Garibaldi Portside Bistro is open for business at its current location at 606 Biak Avenue (Garibaldi) Wednesdays 11:30 am-2:00 pm and Thursday to Saturday 11:30 am-8:00 pm.
The popular foodie hangout and dining spot will have extended hours and services when they start a new future early Summer 2019 in the historic Troller located at 307 Mooring Basin Road (also within the Port of Garibaldi Marina).
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Mike Arseneault is a dedicated foodie and resident of Rockaway Beach, Oregon, owner of RecreateNow Marketing and founder of Rockaway Beach Foodies – a quickly growing Facebook, community-building, and experiential foodies group.