GEEZER TRIBE: Winning and losing

by Linda Shaffer

There is so much going on in this world of ours that it is easy to get swept up by it all and overwhelmed. That doesn’t even include the events which happen in your own personal life. I can speak to this because I got run over by life last week and couldn’t even think of anything to write about. Since I’m a real Pollyanna, it takes a lot to keep me from being able to come up with something positive to say. During times like these I have to have a stern talking with myself about how life doesn’t always offer up low-hanging fruit. Sometimes you have to work to find it.

How did I get in this funk? Well, let’s start with losing family members or dear friends. I’m not sure why we say things like, “I lost my uncle this week.” He isn’t lost. He died. This is a reality of living and one that we have to adjust to. If you let it happen, the death of someone really special will gift you with a flood of good memories. All you have to do is cherish them and celebrate the fact that you knew that special person. Let’s just say that I got a double shot of wonderful memories last week and have found a lot of peace in them. That’s a win.
I’ve won big on the Covid front, too. Many of us have been trying to get in line for a vaccination and Mr. S and I have a date to get our first one. Two days after that call, a month of work trying to get my mom vaccinated paid off. As some of you may know it’s not any easy thing to arrange for a vaccination for someone who lives in another county. It also doesn’t help that Tillamook County isn’t part of the 211 system. My mom has added a half year to her age, as well she should. She is currently 91 1/2 and well deserves a vaccination. She mowed her own lawn last week but doesn’t answer phone calls from numbers she doesn’t recognize. Once we worked our way around that problem and talked with real human beings in Benton County my number was put on the record. This only means that I had to change my evil ways and start answering all calls. Icky. I will admit that I ignored the call from Mercedes Benz. Scammers. When will they learn? Gosh, do you think I might of won a new Mercedes?
Just to prove you can win and lose at exactly the same time, Mr. S and I took a trip to the Emergency Clinic to get tested for Covid because he had felt very sick for a week and started running a fever. Oh, did I mention that he broke out in a rash the night before? Well, we don’t have Covid but he has shingles. Luckily, the medication he is taking is very good with the rash but not helping with his weariness. He’s better each day and able to sleep whenever he pleases. One of his favorite sayings is, “I’m the boss of me.” This is a very important component to his quest for wellness. Since his appetite has been off, we had ice cream and brownies for dinner last night. See? The road to recovery isn’t all that bad.
Oh, and those brownies? I added two rotten bananas to the mix and they were really good. Another win for the week. You’ve got to take ’em when you can because they don’t always come naturally.
Count your wins this week and be well.