Give Seeds a Chance: 6th Annual Seed Exchange and MORE Sunday, March 3rd at White Clover Grange

Give Seeds a Chance: Seed Exchange and MORE will be held this Sunday, March 3, 2019 from 1-4 pm at the White Clover Grange, 36585 Highway 53 about 2 miles from Highway 101 near Mohler. Look for the cow out front. Admission to the event is free.

At the Exchange you will find:
Over 1500 Free Vegetable, Flower and Herb Seed Packets Some are heirloom, some from Seed Savers Exchange.
The Mini Farmer’s Market features Lance’s Farm Vittles, with their local, fresh frozen meat, North Fork 53 Teas, Lane’s Greenwitch Garden Spirit Essences and Jeffrey Warren/JW Merc – real Vermont maple syrup + wholesome food/beverage from OUR Northwest – including select raw honeys.
Tool Sharpening with Dave Rockey, “The Sharpenator, who specializes in rehabilitating knives, scissors, loppers, clippers, hoes, shovels, machetes, axes, hatchets. 80% of his prices range from $4-6.
Free Gardening Books & Gear Exchange Bring your no longer wanted, and in good condition, gardening books, tools, or any other gardening gear. Especially needed by Tillamook Master Gardeners are 4” and gallon pots.
Info on Local Gardening Resources Nehalem Elementary School Garden and the Lower Nehalem Community Trust Community Garden plus printed materials about other local resources.
Hands on Demonstrations Karen Matthews of the Community Garden, showing how to test for seed viability and Arla Ayres, who will demonstrate how to make seed tape.
All seeds and anything on the garden exchange table are free, whether you bring anything to share or not. Thanks to the Tillamook Library, Oregon Food Bank and Food Roots for the seed packets we have.
We also welcome seeds from anyone who has collected or commercial seeds to share. Place your collected seeds in small envelopes or zip-sealed baggies and mark your seed packet with as much information as you have: plant, variety, area grown, production qualities, etc.
The organizers of the event encourage gardeners to commit to growing favorite flowers and vegetables and purposely saving that seed for next year’s exchange. In this way we expand the variety of seeds available for sharing, increase our food security and have plants that we know do well in our locale. There will be a sign up sheet available at the Exchange where you can say what you would like to grow for this purpose. If you can’t make the Exchange and would like to participate, please send an email to
According to The Seed Ambassador’s Project (, “Saving seeds is the foundation of developing durable and resilient locally based food systems. We encourage others to join us in this important work. In our eyes every seed saved is a socially healing, community creating event.”
Give Seeds a Chance: Seed Exchange and MORE is sponsored by the White Clover Grange, Fulcrum Community Resources, and the Nehalem Garden Club.
Nehalem Bay Garden Club contact: