GORDON’S UPDATE: Weather 11/17/22

Thursday, November 17, 2022

A look at the satellite pictures show the Pacific is a mess. Fortunately, you can clearly see the high pressure ridge off the coast that is pushing approaching systems northward towards Alaska. This means we stay in a cool, dry airmass with the breezy east winds continuing thru tomorrow. So, tonight, mostly clear skies again with breezy easterly winds 14-18 gusting to 30, the low down near 32, but again, with the strong east winds, those winds will make it feel like the upper teens!

Tomorrow is the last day of, “more-of-the-same!” Another sunny day with the east winds 14-18 gusting to 30, highs near 57, mostly clear skies tomorrow night, those breezy east winds continuing to pull in the cold air from east of the Cascades, so the low tomorrow night drops to around 28. The windchill in the teens is again a safety factor, especially in the early morning hours when it is the coldest.

Saturday the east winds subside, still with the sunny skies, highs near 52, then Saturday night we start to see some clouds moving in as the ridge of high pressure finally starts to weaken and flatten out so expect mostly cloudy skies with light winds, the low near 34.

By Sunday we see a pattern change with a zonal, or west to east flow that will open us up to systems, signaling a return to a wet pattern. So, Sunday we see mostly cloudy skies, highs near 53, then more clouds move in along with an increasing chance of rain Sunday night, the low near 39.

Monday it appears we have a bit of an atmospheric river developing bringing us cloudy and rainy conditions that persist for much of next week. For now, it just looks like light to moderate rain. This does push up the rivers by Wednesday into Thursday, but for now, any flooding concerns are low. Temperature next week also rise some, highs by Wednesday up to near 56, lows around 45.

Just for a bit of history, not making any predictions, just providing facts, did you know that 3 out of the 10 top floods on the Wilson occurred in November with the highest crest ever recorded on the Wilson River occurring on 11/7/2006, cresting at 22.84’. On the Trask River top ten flood levels, 4 occurred in November with the second highest ever recorded occurring on 11/25 at 21.77’. As you might guess, December was equally as busy in the top 10 historic floods…