GORDON’S UPDATE: Weather – 11/29/22 – Wet, windy, cold, snowy, icy…Winter is here!

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

It was another rainy day today after a colder, icy night with snow in the Coast Range including in the passes, and it looks like the active weather will continue for the rest of the week. Today’s rain was from another front that is dropping down from the north. This will give us more rain tonight with gusty southerly winds 14-18 gusting to 35 but increasing to 20-25 gusting to 45 as the front pushes thru late tonight into early tomorrow morning, gusts to near 60 possible at the beaches, the low tonight near 45. This system will bring around 1-2” of rain.

Behind the front we see scattered showers with possible thunderstorms, maybe some small hail until around sunrise when another front forms and moves in bringing another round of rain tomorrow, winds westerly 10-15 gusting to 20, highs near 49. The snow level drops to around 2000’. Back to showers with possible thunderstorms tomorrow night, winds southerly 4-8, lows near 32. We can expect snow in the Coast Range again tomorrow night with the snow level falling to around 1000’ though you can see a mix lower, especially in the early morning hours as the temperature drops.

A trough of low pressure gives us more showers with possible thunderstorms Thursday, the snow level lingers near 1100’ so more snow is possible in the Coast Range and in heavier showers the snow could temporarily be lower with small hail possible at sea level. Look for light winds that could be gusty around the heavy showers, the high near 44. The precipitation become more rainy Thursday night and the snow level drops to around 500-800’ though it could be lower in the early morning hours as the surface temperature drops to near 30. Early morning travelers should check on road snow/ice conditions before heading out the door.

The winds become more southerly Friday ahead of the next system which warms things up again, so, look for more cloudy and rainy conditions, breezy, the high near 46. The snow level lifts to 1400’ later in the morning and continues up to around 2200’ in the afternoon, so some of the snow will start to melt in the passes. Friday night looks rain and breezy still, the snow level around 2500’, the low here near 35.

The weekend continues to look wet though we could see a break Sunday, highs near 45 still, lows down around 33. This would spell icing concerns across the Coast Range Passes though more snow flurries are possible also.