Gordon’s Weather Center – Storm Update 10/25/21; Photos from Sunday 10/24/21


Yep, it got a little breezy yesterday (10/24/21), the winners were…in Clatsop County, the Clatsop Spit recorded a gust to 74. In Lincoln County, the Yaquina Bay Bridge recorded a gust to 82. And in Tillamook County, the winner was near Cape Falcon, a gust to 80 recorded there. Today the low pressure area that caused the winds is weakening and is west of the Vancouver Island area and is slowly drifting north. So, we can expect more rain showers, still a chance of thunderstorms today and tonight, winds today southerly 15-25 gusting to 35, today then southwesterly 10-15 gusting to 25 tonight, the high near 57, lows near 47.