GUEST COLUMN: What do you want – constituents of Senate District 16 – for Betsy Johnson’s replacement? Local Democrat Precinct Committee Persons would like to know …

By David McCall, Bay City Mayor
I have been a Precinct Committee Person (PCP) in Bay City for several years now. I am but one of several dozen PCPs in Tillamook County, an up-to-date list of PCPs is maintained by the County Clerk’s Office (
When a vacancy comes up in a state legislative seat, the PCPs from that district convene to agree upon a slate of 3-5 candidates, from which the county commissioners will choose a replacement for the rest of the term.
When Betsy Johnson resigned from her senate seat, she did it suddenly and without consulting with the state party (which is in charge of running the appointment process), springing it on everyone just before the holidays. Why? Well that’s a topic for another discussion, but not today.

This means that there is little time to learn about the candidates, or find out whom people prefer. The list of candidates won’t be known until January 2nd, and the convention is on January 3rd.
My questions to you – constituents in Senate district 16:
How should I determine for whom I cast my vote, representing a portion of Tillamook County voters?
Should we choose someone radically different than Betsy, or someone just like her?
Should we choose someone interested in being a senator, or just for the rest of the term?
Should we choose someone who has retired or someone actively working? Male or female?
What do you think I should be looking for in a candidate?
Please share your thoughts with me and/or other PCPs so that we can try to represent you in this process!
I await your thoughts and comments at or through my Facebook page (Vote David McCall).
Thank you!