Handwashing Meditation: Helping Hands & Spirit


EDITOR’S NOTE: Thank you Donald Roddy for a great reminder about handwashing and a way for a win-win. Make it a moment of meditation, deep calming breathes … we all need this right now.

Are you weary of singing the ABC’s and Happy Birthday song during hand washing? If so, have I got a great idea for you! Courtesy of Thich Nhat Hanh, I suggest you practice this breathing exercise … (please follow directions below):

Handwashing Meditation:
In – Out
Deep – Slow
Calm – Ease
Smile – Release
Present Moment – Wonderful Moment

And hey, if it happens to make you a better spouse, parent, sibling, friend, coworker, and citizen along the way, all the better! Enjoy!

Donald Roddy
Garibaldi, OR